Which Chewing Gum is Best for Your Teeth?

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Which Chewing Gum is Best for Your Teeth?

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Which Chewing Gum Is Best For Your Teeth?


Careful! Not all kinds of gum are good for teeth. Theres this idea commonly believed by the majority of the population that most gums are good for your dental care. When you chew gum, the freshness, and the cooling feeling might give you the false idea that gum is good for your health. Well, this idea needs some revision. Yes of course some types of gums are beneficial for your dental care, and that’s what we are going to cover in this article, but the majority of gums are not so good for your teeth.

People are uneducated on what gum is made of, what it contains, and what are its effects when you chew it. Its just known as a thing that is meant to be chewed and not to be swallowed. So we are going to start off by explaining what regular gum is made of and what really makes it gum.


What is a gum made of?

So what is gum really made of? What does it contain that can make it chewy, sticky and difficult to swallow? Most importantly, are those ingredients safe? Do they harm the human body in any way? These are questions we are going to answer right now.


Gum base: First off we got the gum base which is the gum itself, without the gum base, there is no gum. Now the gum base is made of 3 sub-ingredients. Resin to make it chewy, wax to make it a little bit softer, and elastomers to add some flexibility.

Fillers: This is where the gum gets its texture.

Sweeteners: Corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, and sugar, is a mandatory ingredients that will sweeten the flavor of gum. On the other side, sugar-free gums use artificial sweeteners like aspartame and xylitol.

Flavorings: Flavor comes from different fruit syrups. Gums can take the flavor of any fruit you can think of.

Polyol coating: The shelf on the outside of the gum that gives the gum a stable form, is due to polyol.

Preservatives: Preservatives are used to extend the life of the shelf.

Softeners: Hydrogenated vegetable oils can help in increasing flexibility and decreasing brittleness, which is what softeners are all about.

Now that we’ve covered the ingredients of the gum, is it time to examine, are they safe or are there any chances that may harm you in any way? The answer is yes they are safe, every company has a mandatory examination of the ingredients they use before the production even begins.

Many types of research and studies have been carried out on how different ingredients affect us, and none of them seem to cause any problems. For example, aspartame was one ingredient that was tested in case it correlates with obesity, which in this study here, it proves that aspartame cannot lead to obesity. Other studies, examined if the use of BHT(butylated hydroxytoluene), a  preservative used in many foods, can cause cancer, and even though some animal studies showed that high doses of BHT can cause cancer, these studies haven’t found anything relating to that theory.

Every company in the confectionery industry is required to get a number of certificates before they can start selling. Some of them are ISO2200, HACCP, FDA, and Halal certifications which are all certificates that SuifaFood has earned. These certificates are used as proof that the company is a company that can be trusted.


What gums are not good for your health?

Any gum that contains sweeteners such as corn syrup, sugar, glucose, or dextrose is considered bad for your teeth. Sugar can increase cavities, plaque and decay in the mouth and that’s because sugar is digested by the bad bacteria in your mouth. So it’s safe to say that any sugar-including gum is bad for your teeth.

That’s what most people have mistaken, that just because the gum has a cooling sensation at the end, it means that it’s good for your health. Yes, it may help with your bad breath, especially if you chew gum with mint, but that doesn’t mean that the teeth are not fed with the sugar that the gum is releasing. 


So which chewing gum is best for your teeth? Read on and I'll tell you the answer.


1. Sugar-free Is The Key

When it comes to choosing gum that is good for your teeth, the first and most obvious thing to avoid is sugar. Sugar is the main culprit behind cavities and tooth decay because it feeds the bacteria in our mouth that produce acid, which attacks tooth enamel. Instead of sugar, look for gum that is sweetened with xylitol, sorbitol, or other non-sugar sweeteners. These sweeteners do not contribute to tooth decay and may even help to fight it by stimulating the production of saliva, which neutralizes acid.


2. Choose Gum With Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. Some gum manufacturers add fluoride to their products, making them even more beneficial for dental health. Look for gum that is labeled fluoride-rich or read the ingredients list to see if it contains fluoride.


3. Avoid Acidic Gum Flavors

Gum that has acidic flavors like citrus or sour apple may taste great, but they can be harmful to tooth enamel over time. Acids can break down the protective layer of enamel on our teeth, making them more vulnerable to damage from bacteria and sugar. Stick to less acidic flavors like mint or cinnamon, which are also more refreshing and long-lasting.


4. Xylitol At Its Finest

The interesting thing about sugar-free gums that contain xylitol is that they are not only not harmful for your teeth but they can also be beneficial to your teeth and breath. This is due to xylitol.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is being used in sugar-free gums and it has been proven in this study that it can reduce the risk of cavities-causing bacteria and can slow down decay and plaque.

Xylitol can also prevent the growth of bacteria and because xylitol participates in the production of saliva, it can also rinse off harmful sugars and food debris.


5. Alternative For Brushing

Some experts suggest that it’s good to chew sugar-free gum containing xylitol between meals when it may be inconvenient to brush your teeth. But remember it cannot replace your everyday brushing. It’s just an easier alternative when you are incapable of brushing your teeth.


6. Look For Gum With The ADA Seal of Acceptance

To ensure that you are choosing gum that is truly beneficial for your dental health, look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance on the packaging. The ADA is a non-profit organization that evaluates oral health products for safety and effectiveness, and only gives its seal to products that meet strict standards. So before you buy that sugar-free gum with the cool package just check for the ADA Seal before you buy it.


Addressing Common Concerns

Are sugar-free gums truly effective? Absolutely. With advancements in sweeteners like Xylitol, sugar-free gums are not only effective but can be superior to their sugary counterparts in promoting oral health.

Do all ADA-approved gums taste the same? Not necessarily. ADA-approved gums come in various flavors and textures, ensuring that you can find one that suits your preferences without compromising on dental benefits.

Is chewing gum with fluoride safe for children? Yes, within recommended limits. Gums with added fluoride can be safe and beneficial for children's dental health when used appropriately.


Here are some chewing gum brands that are recognized for being good for teeth:



Known for its sugar-free varieties and ADA Seal of Approval.


Offers a range of sugar-free gums with Xylitol for dental health.


Well-regarded for its sugar-free options and long-lasting flavors.


Focuses on dental health with gums sweetened with Xylitol.


Provides sugar-free options with a variety of flavors.

Epic Dental

Emphasizes Xylitol as a key ingredient for oral care.

Ice Breakers Ice Cubes

Sugar-free gum with a strong reputation for taste and freshness.

5 Gum

Offers sugar-free varieties with an emphasis on flavor and freshness.


Remember to check for the ADA Seal of Approval on gum packaging for added assurance of its dental benefits. Each of these brands has its unique strengths, making them popular choices for those looking to maintain good oral health while enjoying a satisfying chew.



We’ve examined why not all gums are good for health and why you should change that belief. Sugar-free gums that contain xylitol can actually help your dental care and fight bad breath by washing out the bad bacteria of your mouth. Through this article you were able to learn what  sugar-free gums can do to your dental care and how beneficial they can be.

Now do you want to know which gum you should buy to get the best sugar-free experience?  Suifafood got your back. Here is where you can find SuifaFood’s best selling sugar-free gums packages and book a call or request a quote to work with us.

Why get from Suifafood? Because we value our customers and we put quality of our products as our first priority, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction, and with 25 years of experience in the confectionery industry, we know how to make customers happy.

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