Top 10 Chewing Gum Suppliers in Canada

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Top 10 Chewing Gum Suppliers in Canada

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 Top 10 Chewing GuSuppliers in Canada

Since chewing gum first inventedit's becoming more and more popular in people's lives. Be honest, who doesn't chew gum on a daily basis? You're stressed? Chew some gum and your stress can significantly be reduced(and it's not me saying itit's science). You're nauseousIt can easily be eliminated by chewing some gumAs you can see gum can do wonders!  


Everyone chews gum, and if you are a convenience store owneror you need to purchase chewing gum in bulk in Canada you are going to need to know who are the best chewing gum suppliers on the market, and that's how this article might help you.


You are going to learn about the best chewing gum companies on the market. Keep reading and I guarantee you that by the end of the article you are going to know which chewing gum supplier suits best for your business and your customers. The chewing gum businesses that we are going to talk about are

●    SuifaFood

●    Oak Leaf Confections

●    Chewpod

●    Sweetworks Confections

●    Sans Sucre Nutraceuticals

●    Nestle Canada

●   Tootsie Roll of Canada

●    Brookside Foods

●    Ford Gum

●   Topps Company



SuifaFood is a Chewing Gum manufacturer of 25 years experience, with a factory of more than 24 thousand square meters and a team that consists of more than a 100 workers, awarded with many certifications such as ISSO2200, HACCP and    FDA, is one of the most well-known chewing gum companies in China.

With their advanced-technology machinery and their well trained staff, SuifaFood, aims for top quality products (Energy Gum, Vegan Gum, Fruity Gum, Lasting Gum) and their top goal is to offer the best customer service that's why they have an average delivery time of 20-25 days.

Suifafood's chewing gum Company (HapiChew) during their 25 years in this industry, they were able to spread their wings and export their products around the whole world, from Southeast     Asia, to South America, all the way to Eastern Europ.

Here you can find the list with all of their chewing gum products to give you an idea of what they sell. If you have any questions or you want to request a quote, here is where you can do that.


Oak Leaf Confections Co.

Oak Leaf has been around since 1998 which pretty much has the same years of experience as SuifaFood. It's located in Canada specifically in Scarborough which makes delivery for Canadians a lot faster.

Throughout those years Oak Leaf managed to make a name for themselves and build a mind-blowing reputation with their exceptional and popular candy and bubble gum products that have reached almost every corner of the globe.

With 239 people working together Oak Leaf is able to keep improving their products and spread them in bulk. People have left a ton of reviews on the internet mainly admiring the taste and flavors of their gumballs. To be frank, I'm almost convinced to order a package from them just to taste them myself.

You can always go to this shop if you want to make Oak Leaf bubblegum yours.




You want to sell energy? You want to sell adrenaline? Chewpod got you. Located in Quebec, a city in Canada, this family owned business wanted to help everyone achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves by doing nothing but chewing gum. A businessman with a scientist created this "energy gum" and now it can arrive at your door in only 3-5 days.

Just by chewing 2 Chewpod gums for 5 minutes, you get an instant energy and adrenaline boost that can last up to 2 hours. Every serving has 100 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a regular cup of coffee, thus the energy boost.

One little but important detail that you should know as a buyer, this gum is not recommended for children, or pregnant women.

If you are ready to give everything you got on your goals, some energy boost will come in handy so make sure to check it out here.

Sweetworks Confections

For over 60 years, Sweetworks Confections, a Chewing Gum Business located in the USA has  been a leading brand in the industry. With passion, creativity, and some willingness, Sweetworks was able to achieve a high reputation in the chocolate, bubble and gum industry by keeping the bar high and satisfying customers to the fullest.

Sweetworks Confections consists of 6 brands (Chocolate Frey, Color it Candy, Niagara Chocolates, Ovation by Frey, Sixlets, and Bubble King) and it's been recognised worldwide for their famous Chocolates, Candys, and Bubble Gums.

If you'd like to get in touch with them then it would help you if you check out their website here.



Sans Sucre Nutraceuticals

Sans Sucre Nutraceuticals is a small company consisting of 5-10 people and is based in Canada, Quebec. With their advanced labs and strong development capabilities as a business, Sans Sucre Nutraceuticals is proud to say that it manufactures all types of chewing gum such  as nutritional gums, energy gums and functional gums.

The brand is recognised for their specialty in manufacturing and delivering application products. Over the years they were able to work on 300 individual gum formulations, along with tweaking some existing formulations.

If you want to contact the company here is where you should go.



Nestle Canada

Famous for their Nutritional products, Nestle Canada was invented in 1867 from the pharmacist Henri Nestle who created the Farine Lactee Nestle that we all know as the "baby's food". The     company didn't stop there. It introduced many other inventions such as Nesquik, Nescafe, Kitkat along with a chewing gum company, O-Pee-Chee, which joined the family in 1996.

O-Pee-Chee was created in 1911 and when their journey started they were selling candy and cards. Now, the company is under Nestle's management but it only manufactures gum and    candies. Now, there are a lot of different gums in the market such as Bazooka Gum, Ton 'o'   Gum, and Thrills Gum.

If you'd like to contact or request a quote, you'd have to contact Nestle's Management, and you can reach out to them using this link here.


Tootsie Roll of Canada

Tootsie Roll Industries were launched all the way back in 1986, by taking advantage of the oblong piece of chewy's reputation and popularity at that time. It's located currently in Canada, and it's amongst the most famous candy and chocolate brands in the industry.

It's worth to mention that since its launch, Tootsie Roll has earned some remarkable designations by Forbes Magazines as one of America's top 200 small companies and by the Station Financial Advisors as one of America's Finest Companies.

They sell a variety of different candy, chocolates and bubble gums and they are proud of the integrity and trust the company has acquired over the years.

Running as a business for almost 150 years and still being able to stay on top of competition, means that Tootsie Roll must have been doing something right don't you think?

If you are interested in contacting the company, check it out here.


Brookside Foods

During 1954, Brookside started its confectionary journey deep in British Columbia's Fraser River valley. Brookside saw an opportunity, saw an opening in creating a chocolate with the amazing  combo of fruits and nuts.

Mixing pure and natural ingredients, Brookside, after years of trying to perfect the greatness of chocolate made by fruits and nuts, managed to become the most popular brand in their category. All by selling what nature gave to humans.

Any further information or in case you want to contact Brookside just to sweeten your customer's tooth, then you should definitely go to this page here  .


Ford Gum

The journey for Ford Mason started in 1913. While he was only 20 years old and desperate to   find work, Ford came across the operation of selling chewing gum in vending machines. He saw the power behind this business model and as every young aspiring man, he wanted to try this out.

He borrowed money to lease almost a 100 vending machines and then he placed them all over New York's western communities. But unfortunately customers didn't feel like they were getting rewarded for the money they spent so they would just buy one gum and never use vending machines again.

Fast forward to today, Ford Gum's company is a leading brand in manufacturing gumballs and chewing gums with their #1 product being the Bog League Chew, which has sold over 800 million pouches.

If you are interested in contacting Ford Gum's business you can find them in this link here.


Topps Company

Topps Company is an American Company located in New York City. Since its launch it has been always selling chewing and bubble gum, candies and collectible sports cards.

Their confectionery journey started in 1947 where they sold(and still selling) the famous Bazooka Gums. Later on they introduced more candy such as lollipops and more bubble gums. Unfortunately for them, the increase of awareness for childhood nutrition has significantly reduced their sales. Not surprisingly, shareholders put pressure on the business Management  who decided to sell off the business in 2005 but they couldn't find a buyer so they ended up      reducing management expenses instead.

If you are interested and you want to contact Toots management, you can find them here.


Made a final choice yet?

Making a choice for a supplier is all up to you. As we've seen most chewing gum suppliers have been here for a long time. They have experience, and they know what they are doing. Throughout the years they managed to learn what people like and what they don't, so you can't really miss out here.

I hope this article helped you move one step closer to making a final choice on your supplier. If you can make your customers happy then your business is only gonna keep improving. I wish you the best in your business, and I hope you found the article helpful.

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