Which Chewing Gum is Halal?

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Which Chewing Gum is Halal?

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Which Chewing Gum is Halal?

Before answering this question, let's briefly talk about the history of chewing gum. Before recorded history, human ancestors loved to chew natural resin for fun, which is the most primitive "chewing gum". But gum is actually very rare, people began to experiment with synthetic resin in order to overcome the shortage of gum, and most of the gum people chew today is based on synthetic gum as the basic raw material. It is only recently that manufacturers have begun to be careful about advertising the use of synthetic resin as a raw material, because people feel that chewing gum made from gum collected from the mysterious primeval forests is more romantic...Simply put, the previous chewing gum was halal and 100% natural.

But now chewing gum ingredients are mainly food additives + glycerin + gum base.

What is gum base?

Gum base is a non-nutritive, non-digestible and water-insoluble chewable solid that is the most basic chewing substance in chewing gum and bubble gum (bubble gum usually contains 15-20% gum base, while chewing gum contains 20-25%, and sugar-free chewing gum generally has 25-30% gum base).

The exact composition of the gum base is usually a trade secret, and the basic ingredients will include gelatin: the collagen in gelatin is usually extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissue of cattle, chicken, pigs, and fish. And the natural oils and fats in glycerin are those directly extracted from natural plants and animals.

Among them, animal fats and oils (fats and oils obtained from animals) can be divided into fats and oils of terrestrial warm-blooded animals and birds, such as butter, mutton oil, lard, etc., which are generally solid; fats and oils of marine mammals and fish, such as whale oil, fish oil, etc., which are generally liquid. Vegetable fats and oils are soybeans, peanut oil, etc.


Therefore the biggest controversy for whether chewing gum belongs to halal food is that the raw materials may contain the ingredients of gelatin and animal fats are not clear, so it is criticized by many Muslim friends and vegetarians.

How to distinguish between so many gums? Not all gums are animal ingredients, right?

You can use the Codex E code to determine the source of gum. Commonly used edible gums E code as follows.

Edible gum name

E code

Plant gum

Agar Agar、Jelly-o)




Locust bean gum


Guar gun


Acacia gum


Karaya gum


Tara gum


Konjac gum




Animal gum

Gellan gum, gelatin, fish glue




Microbial gum

Xanthan gum





Most of these brands have chosen to replace animal gum with gum Arabic, so many chewing gums on the market are halal, such as extra, trident, orbit and suifa. So Muslim friends should look carefully at the ingredients list when buying the product.

The HALAL certification of Suifa's products allows the company to provide a product that can be compliant with different countries' requirements for halal. Customization is possible based on your needs, so if you have large volume purchase requirements they will create certificates specifically tailored towards what it exactly about which makes this business unique!


1. Does chewing gum can make people smarter?

There have been studies that suggest chewing gum can improve abstract thinking and logic, but the latest research points out that in periodic actions, such as continuous chewing, short-term memory reading and writing can be affected, ultimately impairing people's ability to recall things accurately.

The reason why "chewing gum makes people smart" is because scientists have defined "smart" as the ability to reason logically. Chewing gum does improve people's ability to reason logically about complex problems, such as solving puzzles more quickly. But logical reasoning is not the same as short-term memory. Therefore, if you are engaged in a job that requires you to have a high level of logical reasoning ability, occasionally chew a 20 minutes to increase a little brain power, it is not bad.

2. Does chewing gum can really lose weight?

Many girls think that eating gum can achieve the purpose of weight loss, in fact, chewing gum not only will not lose weight, but will make people feel more and more hungry, and finally give up gum to eat snacks.

When you are hungry, or chew gum for a long time before a meal, it will give you a sense of hunger, and this hunger is different from the usual, so you are a little unbearable and need to eat something immediately. This is because chewing gum for a long time, will reflexively secrete a lot of stomach acid, but also make the digestive enzymes increase. So you will be flooded with nausea, acid reflux and other symptoms of hunger, especially for people with stomach problems symptoms will be more severe.

So you can choose to chew gum after meals: after eating sugary food and drinks, the acidity of plaque in the mouth increases, at this time chewing sugar-free or xylitol chewing gum can stimulate saliva secretion, neutralize acid and help remineralize teeth.

3. Does chewing gum prevents tooth decay?

In fact, xylitol is not easily fermented by microorganisms to produce acid, so it can reduce the production of tartar and tooth decay, and it does have certain effect on preventing tooth decay.

However, chewing gum contains xylitol, which can only reduce the possibility of tooth decay, and people who already have tooth decay are unlikely to rely on chewing gum to play a therapeutic role. At best, people who often eat xylitol are less likely to get tooth decay than those who often eat cane sugar.

4. Does chewing gum helps beauty?

A study shows that chewing gum for about 20 minutes a day can play a role in beauty. If you keep chewing gum for a few weeks, it will make the face less wrinkled and more rosy and shiny.

This is mainly because chewing this action will drive the facial muscles' movement, enhance the blood circulation of the face, is conducive to the skin's metabolic vitality. Moderate chewing gum, can exercise chewing muscles, temporomandibular joint activities, is conducive to reveal facial muscle lines.

However, chewing gum for too long will lead to overdeveloped muscles and the formation of a jaw angle full of national face shape.



If you are Islamic and buying chewing gum for your own use, then I suggest you read the product ingredients list before you buy. Because even the world's largest chewing gum company Wrigley's chewing gum products, not all of them are halal. If you need to buy chewing gum wholesale, then I suggest you talk to the manufacturer in advance and make it clear to the manufacturer that your product needs to meet the Halal certification and ask them to provide a certificate that meets the requirements of the destination where it is sold.

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