What's the best way to find a food supplier? Step-by-step Guide

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What's the best way to find a food supplier? Step-by-step Guide

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What's the best way to find a food supplier?

| Step-by-step Guide

What's the best way to find a good supplier? The search for reliable food suppliers should start before you even launch your business. Assess what kind of products or services they offer and how their past performance has been in similar projects.

If you are new to the process, you may want to read this list to be efficient.

Suppliers can make or break your business. Optimizing your food procurement process can further save your business costs, and working with reliable food suppliers can help build your reputation, expand your brand reach, boost profits, and get better returns.

How to determine if a supplier is a good match for your business?

A good supplier should be able to provide products at the right price and meet quality requirements. And accurate and timely delivery is crucial, as mistakes in this area can disrupt supply or affect product shelf life and quality. The food industry also has a low season and a high season. Take candy for example, suppliers must deliver to customers before important holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, or they will miss the best sales opportunity and cause significant losses to the buyer. Specifically, the supplier should deliver the correct quantity of goods to you when you need them, in accordance with your requirements.

Suppliers should also have business goals and beliefs that are similar to those of your business. For example, if your business actively practices environmentally friendly development concepts, then it is natural to prefer suppliers who focus on environmentally friendly products.

I. Map out the state of your inventory and understand your needs and budget

Before embarking on the search for a food supplier, you need to understand clearly the needs of your business as well as your budget.

Sort the raw materials to get the approximate number of suppliers needed. Calculate the price of the products in the catalog and the profit margin needed to keep the business profitable. Knowing your needs will help you focus on the search process and reduce any unnecessary expenses.

II. Research the qualifications of suppliers and request quotations from multiple suppliers

Find a food supplier.

The following is a list of several ways you can find suppliers.

1. Brand supply.

There are many candy suppliers on the market today. You can establish cooperation with the brand directly and join the brand by simply contacting the brand company, which will sell the goods to the entrepreneur at a lower discount.

2. Agents to buy goods

Entrepreneurs can also take goods from local agents, if they are authentic agents can basically eliminate the risk of getting counterfeit goods, but there are general requirements for the amount of goods purchased. However, pay attention to the date and shelf lifetime.

3. Wholesalers

Wholesalers are another option for finding food suppliers for your business. In most cases, wholesalers will sell products in bulk at a discounted rate. However, it's important to note that the quality of products from wholesalers can vary greatly.

4. Trade show

You can also participate in some trade shows related to your industry. This is a very good way to find potential suppliers because you can not only get information about them but also get first-hand experience with their products and services. Face-to-face meetings with suppliers can help you get to know them better and start business quickly.

5. Online purchase.

Most companies look for suppliers through recommendations or the Internet, you can find suppliers through direct Google search or go to B2B trade platforms, such as Alibaba, made-in-china, etc., almost all factory's direct sales, you can compare and analyze inside, after finding a few suitable suppliers, at least three inquiries to compare their cost performance.

The following are frequently asked questions from suppliers for quotations.

- What is the total cost of purchasing a particular product, including shipping costs? Are there any additional shipping costs or duties?

-What is the minimum order quantity of the product? Is there a relevant food inspection certificate?

- What is the total time required for production, packaging, and shipping? What is the estimated delivery time and on-time delivery rate?

- What are the terms of the contract? What is the minimum order quantity?

- What are the payment terms? Will payment be made at the time of order or upon receipt of goods?

- How long has the business been in operation? What is the scale of production of the company? Does the enterprise have rich export experience?

Ⅲ. Focus on quality: inspect carefully and ask for samples

Price is important, but a good supplier wins with quality. If possible, visit the supplier's factory and ask for samples to see if they meet your requirements and choose a supplier who focuses on quality.

Also, check to see if the supplier has food safety certifications such as HAACP or ISO 22000, and in some regions, HALAL certificates. And find out about their quality control measures, including the cleanliness of equipment vehicles and food transportation packaging.

Ⅳ. Maintain cooperative relationships with food suppliers

Once you find the right supplier, you need to maintain the partnership, as they are key partners in the growth of your business.

The following are ways to maintain the relationship.

1. Pay on time

Trust is a two-way street. Just as you trust your suppliers to consistently deliver high-quality goods, you can strengthen your trust by paying them on time each time.

2. Share information

Proactively share feedback from customers, as well as business insights about sales and inventory. This helps suppliers to react to trends and even predict changes in your orders and adjust accordingly to demand.

3. Communicate openly and honestly

Give due recognition, build rapport, and treat suppliers with honesty and respect. If you have feedback on the goods or improvement ideas, you can subtly put forward to the supplier, and solve the problem together.

4. Choose food suppliers as a business partner

A low price is not necessarily better. In the selection of food suppliers, look at the long term, looking for partners to help the long-term development of the enterprise. Instead of changing suppliers in the middle of the process, it is better to look for a reliable food supplier directly, and get the goods that meet the requirements of price and quality at the beginning.

Summing up

Being able to find a supplier that matches you in every way is not an easy task, but I'm sure you'll gain something after reading this article. Do more comparative analysis in the process of finding suppliers, do background checks on the suppliers you are interested in, and your project will definitely run smoothly. If you have any questions about this, or if you are also looking for suppliers of confectionary, contact us today so we could give all our expertise away free of.

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