Top 10 Chewing Gum Companies In The US

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Top 10 Chewing Gum Companies In The US

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Top 10 Chewing Gum Companies In The US

The United States has one of the largest industries when it comes to gum. Many of the best-known international gum brands are from the United States.

Everyone is looking to get into their market but only the ones with the best quality are acceptable.

I'm very familiar with what they have to offer and it's quite difficult to make the world's top list.

But, I made the top 10 chewing gum companies in the US list with a lot of research. Based on what I compiled, every company on it has a great reputation worldwide.

1. Suifafood Company

2. Wm. Wrigley Jr: Company

3. Mondelez International, Inc.

4. The Hershey Company

5. Tootsie Roll Industries

6. Grenades, LLC

7. The Pur Company Inc

8. Perfetti Van Melle

9. Lotte Corporation

10. Xylichew


Foshan City Nanhai District Songgang Suifa Food Co., Ltd.

· Location: Foshan

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1998

· The number of employees: 100+

· Main product: chewing gum

· Other products: bubble gum, chews candy, gummy candy

Suifafood is the best option if you want to purchase chewing gum or bubble gum for wholesale. Our gums are high quality and exceptional. We also make and sell other products apart from gum.

Suifafood has been in the game for some time and is continuously producing quality gum for its ready markets. The gums are cheap and of various flavors,size,color,packaging and designs.

We have markets all over the world for our products. Our operational standards promote good communication and efficient services for our customers. For our goal, we provide the most cost-effective health and safety of food for customers to create their highest value.

We are the leading chewing gum producers in China and we have an excellent team of researchers who can provide you with all kinds services. Every year, our sales team does a lot of market research to find out what customers want and need. We take their suggestions into consideration when developing new products or services because we know that's how you stay on top-of your game!


Suifafood are always looking forward towards more partnerships with companies like yours - so don't hesitate in reaching out if there is anything about this statement which did not make sense for whatever reason.



Wm. Wrigley Jr: Company (Doublemint)

· Location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1891

· The number of employees: 16,000

· Main product: Gum

· Other products: Candy, Mints

Wrigley is the abbreviation of Wm Wrigley Jr Company, an American candy company founded in 1891 by William Wrigley Jr. The company was founded in 1891 by William Wrigley Jr. and is one of the international leaders in the candy industry and the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of chewing gum, over $4 billion in global sales.

Wrigley's “Doublemint”, “Juicy Fruit”, “Wrigley's Spearmint”, “Extra” Sugar Free Gum and “Cool Air” Super Cool Gum, “Ta Ta” Bubble Gum, “Pim Pom” Lollipop and other brand products have considerable popularity and reputation among consumers.



Mondelez International, Inc.

· Location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1923

· The number of employees: 80,000

· Main product: Chocolate, Biscuit

· Other products: Candy, Drinks, Chewing gum

Mondelēz International, formerly Kraft Foods, is a leading global manufacturer of cookies, chocolate, gum, candy and solid beverages. Kraft Foods was split into two separate publicly traded companies in October 2012, with the grocery business for North America continuing under the Kraft Foods name and the snack business for the global market taking on a new name, Mondelēz International.

The most famous chewing gum brands under Mondelēz International are stride and trident.


Stride” gum was launched in the United States in 2006. “Trident” gum, which started in 1964, is sugar-free and has been certified by the American Dental Association as an anti-cavity chewing gum. Both are well-known chewing gum brands in the United States.



The Hershey Company

· Location: LancasterPennsylvaniaUnited

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1894

· The number of employees: 16,140

· Main product: Chocolate

· Other products: Biscuit, Ice cream, Chewing gum

Hershey's of America (Hershey's) - the largest chocolate manufacturing Hershey's was founded by Mr. Milton Hershey, located in Pennsylvania. Ice Breakers is a brand of mints and chewing gum owned by The Hershey Company.


Ice Breakers gum is mainly sold in Asia, Canada and the United States, it is loved by consumers around the world for its cool and refreshing taste.



Tootsie Roll Industries

· Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1896

· The number of employees: 2,000

· Main product: Hard candy, Chocolate taffy

· Other products: Bubble gum, Mints

Tootsie Roll Industries is an American candy manufacturer best known for its Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops, and currently markets its brands in Canada, Mexico and more than 75 other countries and territories.

Dubble Bubble is the perfect hybrid between gum and toothpaste. It has an original, tangy flavor that won't let you down when your mouth needs some extra attention!


A Philadelphia accountant named Walter Diemer came up with this idea for a fun new type of product after trying many different types in his free time at work--too sticky or breaking apart too easily until he found just what would be needed to make them both effective yet still enjoyable ways chewin'. This discovery led him onto creatingnot only one but two famous brands: Dubble Bubble.



Grenades, LLC

· Location: Honolulu, HI, United States

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 2013

· The number of employees: 6

· Main product: Chewing gum

· Other products: Chews candy

Grenades gum is a high-strength, sugar-free gum originating in the United States, full of minty breath and with multiple levels of stimulation.

Grenades gum is a radically explosive, high-intensity, sugar-free gum that's as minty as anything you've ever experienced.

High-strength, sugar-free gum that's full of menthol and unlike anything you've ever experienced before. From the moment you pop Grenades in your mouth, you'll feel the cool mint flavor spike into a nasal tingle, watery eyes, and numbing feeling of pure euphoria! Definitely not a fainting gum. With a variety of delicious flavors to choose from, you can't go wrong, but please note the BLAST FACTOR rating!


Grenades gum is an aspartame free gum. With five different power levels, everyone and anyone can enjoy it. What are you waiting for? Get your Grenades gum today and experience the sensation everyone is talking about!



The Pur Company Inc

· Location: 23 Kodiak Crescent Toronto, Ontario M3J 3E5

· Company type: Ecommerce, Trading company

· Year founded: 2010

· The number of employees: 1000

· Main product: Chewing gum

· Other products: Confectionary, Health food


The pur chewing gum is made in Switzerland, the raw materials come from Europe and it has an excellent quality. The company makes this health food to create a product with no artificial flavors or colors which are beneficial for your teeth because they can damage them over time if you eat too much sugar while also being vegetarian-friendly so people who do not consume animal products will enjoy these qualities too!



Perfetti Van Melle

· Location: Lainate, Italy Breda, Netherlands

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 2001

· The number of employees: 17,900

· Main product: Confectionary

· Other products: Chewing gum, Bubble gum

Perfetti Van Melle is the third-largest confectionery manufacturer in the world after Mondelēz International and Mars, Incorporated.


High quality products, constant development of new products, strong advertising campaign and strong management have made Bufti Van Melle a successful company. Bufalti Van Melle produces and sells a wide range of sweets, semi-finished products and the raw materials needed for their production. Its main brands are mentos, Chupa Chups, Alpenliebe.



Lotte Corporation

· Location: Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea

· Company type: Manufacturer, Trading company

· Year founded: 1967

· The number of employees: 60,000

· Main product: Chocolate, Chewing gum

· Other products: Biscuit, Candy


Lotte Xylitol Sugar Free Chewing Gum was tested and proved by the National Dental Control Steering Group (NCOH) that Lotte Xylitol Sugar Free Chewing Gum can effectively stop the pH value of oral plaque from dropping and has the effect of inhibiting and preventing dental plaque from causing caries, thus promoting oral health. in September 2002, the healthy dental care product: Xylitol Sugar Free Chewing Gum was officially launched. in September 2003, Lotte Xylitol Granular Chewing Gum was officially launched. This product, which is in sync with the world trend, quickly caused a huge response among consumers. In particular, the bottled product received widespread attention for its unique packaging, excellent quality and fashionability, thus establishing Lotte Xylitol gum's dominant position in the market.




· Location: WXQ4+VG Poway, California, USA

· Company type: Ecommerce, Trading company

· Year founded: unknow

· The number of employees: 200

· Main product: Chewing gum

· Other products: Mints

Xylichew is the perfect keto gum option for those looking to maintain their health and wellness. Birch xylitol, which makes up XyliChews sweeteners are completely sugar free as well naturally occurring in nature! On top of being gluten-free with no GMO's or Aspartame ingredients also coming from artificial sources like other tasting gums that can be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store--it doesn't stop there though because this product has been kosher certified by both Orthodox Union (OU)and kehilla Houston(KH).


I'm honestly not sure how these guys do it all but they manage keep me pretty satisfied every time I take one chewable tablet after dinner during my busy work day...

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